Brand identity

22 Invest, Antwerp

Twenty Four business center is a shared office where, among others, 22 Invest has its seat. Originally, a photography studio was located here. We kept the concrete structure, but filled it with custom designs and gave it a bold colour palette. The desks are integrated into funky, architectural elements at each side of the workspace. The office contains shelves and cabinets as well, so that form follows function. The multiplex, burgundy linoleum, brushed aluminium and textured glass of the cabinets are particular eye catchers in this big space. In the middle of the room, we placed a welcoming coworking table.

The yellow cast floor acts as a dominant element in the whole workspace and gives it an extra dimension. An abundance of daylight makes everything stand out even more.

22 Invest is a developer that approaches real estate in a different, funky way. We developed their brand identity and logo.Together with a few other self-employed experts and companies, they enjoy the open atmosphere of their office. It stimulates dialogue and ensures cross pollination. In the fully equipped industrial kitchen, they have the ability to prep fresh food daily.