Antwerp & Liège

Brand identity

YUST Press event, Liège

YUST Liège is the second location of YUST Housing.

It all started in Antwerp, where we launched the concept first. We did art direction for their branding as well as the interior design. Everything is aligned and now proven as a succesful hospitality concept. We’re proud that YUST is going places with a first touchdown in Liège.

The YUST concept arose from the idea of the ‘universe’. YUST had to become a cool meeting place where magic happens. As a co-storyteller, we were thrilled to translate this story into the styling of the press event.

All branding colours were integrated through lighting and accessoiries. Right above the table, the ceiling got pimped with some transparant YUST branded chalk papers, that remind of the transparant Calatrava train station which you can admire from the new YUST rooftop. The station is Lièges coolest landmark. Guests got a waffle voucher to get their desert – a delicious Liège waffle – at the best booth near the train station.