Bye old-fashioned serviced apartments, hello funky aparthotels

The concept of aparthotels is not necessarily new; a serviced apartment with hotel facilities that seeks to combine the best of both worlds to elevate the experience to the next level. What is new is the popularity of aparthotels in the post-pandemic era.

And rightly so. They offer all the comforts of home added up with design and plenty of extras such as in-house coworking, yoga studios, hip food and beverage, event calendars that showcase local artists and entrepreneurs etc. They bring together local life and that of their guests, creating meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences in an immersive social setting. Locke (UK) and YUST (Antwerp) are pioneering flexible aparthotels that have become more communities than residences. Meetings and culture are central. On average, guests stay longer here than in a hotel.

This hybrid formula of half hotel, half residence with hotel services where you can live in a state-of-the-art manner, such as Locke and YUST, has miraculously survived the severe COVID-19 crisis and has therefore proven itself more than once. Investors continued to enjoy full returns in the midst of the crisis. It still is an increasing success.

But what makes these places so attractive today? After quasi-social isolation during the pandemic’s peaks, our work and travel needs are changing faster than ever. The demand for flexible living is high. Plus, we are increasingly spoiled and demanding. The public who prefer a flexible lifestyle are looking for extraordinary experiences and are often lovers of design. They know what is good.

The funkiness factor of an aparthotel is therefore important to attract the right public. CDC Design co-created the concept and interior design of YUST Antwerp. The devil is in the countless details. The blend of colours, textures, surprising materials and art objects make it a place that never gets boring. Every corner is cosy and inviting. Moreover, we looked very specifically for original lighting. Because the right lighting can make or break the atmosphere. Vintage furniture provides extra charm. These are all aspects that determine the DNA of YUST.

A sun-drenched roof terrace is another element that recurs in every branch. A great success factor for both the local residents and the guests who regard it as their social garden. The roof terrace of YUST Liège is extra special with an amazing view of the train station designed by Calatrava. Ideal for afterworks, apéro’s and even small festivals with live DJ sets during summer. 

The YUST-DNA creates recognition for its guests. Wherever new establishments open, they can feel at home. Next up, is YUST Brussels. This way, a magical community of like-minded people who inspire one another is spread all over the world.

(Source: Forbes)


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