As a 360° design studio, we do: 

  • Interior design of housing projects (like rental flats), hospitality projects (like hotels, bars & restaurants), retail projects (like flagshipstores) & corporate projects (like office buildings): from concept to realisation 
  • Object design: we create custom objects and artwork that breathe your brand identity and spice up your project 
  • Art direction: we guide the creation or revision of the brand for your real estate project, as well as some brand guide lines like photography 
  • Installation & logistic services: from concept to full realisation, we take care of storage, moving service, installation on site until your project is turnkey  
From the moment our collaboration is officialised, we can furnish and deliver your flat turn-key within 4 to 5 weeks. This is the case in optimal conditions, without being subject to a delay of delivery by suppliers or other unforeseen circumstances. 
To sell your real estate project faster (and better), staging is the way to go. We have a permanent stock of cool design items which can be rented out for staging. However, this is not a core service we offer so please send us a request and we’re happy to let you know what we can offer. 
We mostly work B2B, however we’re open to consider any request. So please, let’s talk and let’s see what we can do! 
We can guide your project from structural work to complete furnishing, styling and decoration. We study the circulation of your space. We decide on materialisation of walls, floors or fixed furniture like kitchen and bathroom. Suppliers can be provided by us or by the client. Furthermore, we attach great importance to a good site follow-up.