In just three weeks we turned this 37 m2 studio into a soothing seaside hideaway, from scratch. The rippled beaches, wavy sea and soft coloured coastal landscape are all translated into the interior. Every nook and cranny was considered to take full advantage of the space and make it as practical as possible.

Warm tones such as mellow yellow, soft blue, deep orange, and sand tones remind its residents of the sunset. The glass tiles add an extra sense of space, and give light free reign. Their structure is like the waves of the sea, the ripples in the sand and even the glow of a fata morgana on hot days. Being a product of sand, glass is a rewarding material in the design of this apartment.

Aligned with the shape of the room and its walls, we created a custom kitchen island. The design has a typical geometric CDC aspect; the tabletop has a diagonal shape and contrasting, organic table legs. This also accentuates the length of the space. The characteristic cheeseboard floor adds charm to the whole and refers to the typical wooden beach cabins.

The art piece we selected for this studio reflects the deep colour of the sun sinking into the sea and the grainy structure of sand. Sleek, subtle lines on the walls highlight the length of the space and relate to the wide landscape surrounding the studio. Giancarlo Peretti’s Alky breaks these lines with its soft, curvy design.

The small yet practical bathroom is designed to give the privacy to enjoy a shower after a salty beach day. By drawing in light from two sides and using a light teal blue colour, the room appears more spacious.

We were happy to get carte blanche for this studio and have the freedom to tickle all our customer’s senses with this project. The apricot pie tasted particularly exquisite in this setting!