Oude Gracht

Caroline’s home is located in a private nature reserve in Kapellen. A charming house that dates back to 1920, surrounded by greenery and water. During the COVID-19 crisis, she and her husband Stéphane learned to appreciate this place even more. The peace and quiet is indescribable, just a stone’s throw from the city. 

Still, they missed one thing, which naturally manifested itself during the lockdowns: a place to work, and a place of her own for Caroline. So they built a cocoon, perpendicular to the original house. The round design is at odds with the rural style of the house. At basement level, they integrated a gym, sauna and wine cabinets. Upstairs, a cosy sitting area and offices are located just below the garden level, so that your eyes are almost level with the green surface that seems to flow in through the windows. Husbandry chose rich rosewood, and Caroline added warm, vintage orange as the main colour. A place for both of them, where they enjoy being together on Sundays. Or in the winter they receive their guests in the conversation pit for ultimate coziness. The exterior of the extension is inspired by the designs of the well-known architect Peter Zumthor.