Mind your ROI

As a real estate investor, you probably know that a splendidly furnished space has a higher yield than an unfurnished space. The monthly rental price you can ask for a furnished property is on average 24% higher than what you can ask for an unfurnished property. In proportion, your investment to furnish a room is lower, so you get the investment out of it quickly. And as a result, you enjoy a higher return on your investment.

That’s one thing. Of course, you want to be sure your space will be rented out quickly and constantly. How should you furnish a flat in an appealing way? That’s the exercise we love to make for you. Beauty is a subjective thing, and you can’t do good for everyone.

Get to know your tenants

First things first; who’s your target audience? What’s their average age? What’s their activity? Do you want to offer short and/or long stay? So many questions that need to be mapped out. Call it a little market research.

Once you know your audience, you can pour their interests into an identity for your property. Ideally, that is an identity they can identify with. Remember that we are used to high standards nowadays. One wants to be surprised. One wants to experience. One wants to make memories and share them with the outside world. SoM you want your property to stand out in the saturated market.

A concept & design that books


That’s where the writing of your story starts. You need to develop a convincing concept first. One that’s the basis for an interior design that books. Next, is the design itself. We simply recommend that you call on us, as we design with the accommodation market in mind – starting from a firm concept. Not only we make your property feel like a welcoming place, but we take all the functional aspects into account as well. We create your space story.

And then there’s the full realisation: sourcing furniture, managing the installation, staging and photographing your property. We do it all. And meanwhile, you can focus on growing your business. Better keep an eye on that ROI.

On view until 17 May 2024
An ongoing collection by Caroline De Cuyper

Creative director and multidisciplinary designer Caroline De Cuyper is delighted to welcome you to our temporary showroom, where you can explore her latest designs for furniture and other objects. She looks forward to sharing her unique perspective on elevating hospitality and real estate projects for stronger connections and higher returns.