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Our design signature exemplifies a unique understanding and appreciation of art and life stories through bespoke pieces that bring a brand’s true identity to life. In interior design and concept creation, we achieve this meticulously through carefully selected furniture and art pieces, fabrics and textures, understanding of spaces, and colors.

We invite you to reveal your true personality through design with us.

MM 5 Shelf

, Brussels, Belgium


More than just a practical fixture, this object transforms any white wall into a stunning focal point.

Inspired by the much sought-after vintage shelving systems, this item is our simple, modular and versatile version. It is designed for our fully furnished short-term rental apartments.

MM 5 Shelf offers ample storage space elevating clothes, books and accessories into visually appealing displays.
The shelves themselves are made of multiplex or brushed oak, available in different colors. High gloss available in all RAL colors.

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On view until 17 May 2024
An ongoing collection by Caroline De Cuyper

Creative director and multidisciplinary designer Caroline De Cuyper is delighted to welcome you to our temporary showroom, where you can explore her latest designs for furniture and other objects. She looks forward to sharing her unique perspective on elevating hospitality and real estate projects for stronger connections and higher returns.