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Kook Hotel

Boutique hotel
, Tarifa, Spain


Experience the beloved Tarifa vibe inside Kook Hotel. On a stretch of undeveloped land, we got the rare opportunity to create a new atmosphere in the hotel scene.

We started from Tarifa’s streetscape. Surfing and kiting all day, living the van life, and hanging out at vibrant bars is how people spend their days in Spain’s most southern city.

The entrance, filled with pebbles, draws the outdoors in. Most materials and furniture pieces are vintage, getting a second life in this idyllic hotel. Even the fabrics used for the cushions and curtains were upcycled. The Picasso inspired rugs are made from recycled cotton.

All paintings are custom made to perfectly blend into the rough concept and warm colour pallet.

The Kook Hotel is a place to enjoy the surf lifestyle, healthy food, and groovy nights. The owners are avid music lovers, so you’ll never get enough of the great background tunes. You might also notice their love for music in the custom designed vinyl door hangers.

Besides designing the entire interior, we also did the art direction for the Kook Hotel’s brand identity. The subtle and fine logo, which is embroidered on the linen in every room, is of our hands. It’s all in the details!

Other Commercial Projects

On view until 17 May 2024
An ongoing collection by Caroline De Cuyper

Creative director and multidisciplinary designer Caroline De Cuyper is delighted to welcome you to our temporary showroom, where you can explore her latest designs for furniture and other objects. She looks forward to sharing her unique perspective on elevating hospitality and real estate projects for stronger connections and higher returns.