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Housing project
, Antwerp, Belgium


Klapdorp is a housing project in collaboration with 22 Invest, for which we got a wild card. Created with millennials in mind who are looking for a funky spot in the city centre, we went for colourful kitchens in combination with contrasting tiles and wooden floors with vintage patterns. Not your average renovation project, to say the least. We focused both on the development and the complete furnishing of all the apartments, which are rented out by our client.

The heating elements are high end designs with a vintage look that upgrade the whole space. They function as eye catchers while symbolising warmth and coziness at the same time. Connoisseurs know what we’re talking about!

Another remarkable part of this interior is the lighting structure that guides you along the staircase. It is both an architectural element and a unique part of 22 Invest’s branding.

Soon, the city of Antwerp will remodel the street in which Klapdorp is situated, which will inevitably lead to a revival of the whole neighbourhood. The façade of the building is a reinterpretation of the original one, setting the tone for this revival. Coloured light and an intriguing artwork by Diego Boonen in the hallway attract the curiosity of every passer-by.

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