We believe that good design is more than aesthetics; it’s a powerful communication tool that translates the bespoke brand identity of a company into functional and productive spaces. Creating a gratifying environment for employees not only boosts productivity but also brings people together. The office we aim to create is where coworker collaboration meets creativity, where flexibility fuels productivity, and togetherness fosters success.

In this dynamic landscape, we craft environments that inspire innovation and adapt seamlessly to the evolving needs of modern professionals. Our spaces are pleasant and exciting, designed to feel like home – bright, illuminated, and spacious, perfect for working in complete peace of mind.


Office Environment
, Ghent, Belgium


For this project we did a research initiative for an office building on the outskirts of Ghent. Designed to serve not only as a workplace but also as an environment where sustainability and health significantly impact its occupants. For this project, we worked on a ground-level space. Nature is not only represented by the plants that provide greenery to every workstation, but also in the materials we chose, staying close to natural elements. This allowed us to create a serene atmosphere, further enhanced by soft green tones combined with warm wooden finishes on the walls and workspaces.

This office offers a breath of tranquility and unity, providing large companies with the opportunity to deliver the best to their clients while ensuring that every individual who steps inside can find their rhythm in their work style. To achieve this, we incorporated both open and secluded workspaces; an inviting open area for taking leisurely breaks; and a cozy coffee corner for casual meetings and social interactions.

At CDC Design, our ethos is rooted in sustainable thinking and resource efficiency. We are committed to delivering affordable accommodations without forfeiting comfort or quality, ensuring each space we design provides an effective and meaningful solution for its users.


Other Office Projects

Head Office
, Brussels, Belgium
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, Antwerp, Belgium

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An ongoing collection by Caroline De Cuyper

Creative director and multidisciplinary designer Caroline De Cuyper is delighted to welcome you to our temporary showroom, where you can explore her latest designs for furniture and other objects. She looks forward to sharing her unique perspective on elevating hospitality and real estate projects for stronger connections and higher returns.