YUST Housing

Located in an emerging neighbourhood of Antwerp, YUST Housing brings together short and long-term stays, events, food and culture. The design intends to create a welcoming environment that unites likeminded people.

Our inspiration for the interior and branding of YUST started with Coup de Chocolat’s ‘Jerome’ packaging. Its dark blue and black background has countless coloured dots which seem in motion. This unique packaging intrigued us and reminded us of the universe: A colourful, dynamic, and magical place. Exactly what YUST needed to become.

The style we created for Yust became an edgy blend of vintage finds, as well as custom designs like the CDC-T01 table and CDC-L01 lamp, combined with different materials full of character. Together with many dedicated partners, we ended up creating an ever-vibrant hub where you can discover new food as well as art and music. It’s a place that brings strangers together, sparks their interests and leaves them feeling inspired.

Other interiors