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Our design signature exemplifies a unique understanding and appreciation of art and life stories through bespoke pieces that bring a brand’s true identity to life. In interior design and concept creation, we achieve this meticulously through carefully selected furniture and art pieces, fabrics and textures, understanding of spaces, and colors.

We invite you to reveal your true personality through design with us.

CDC-T04 table for 22 Invest

Office space


For 22 Invest’s office we created a modular coworking table that invites anyone to come and sit there. It consists of three separate tables which can stand alone as well. Because of this, it’s an ideal design for coworking spaces where the number of visitors fluctuates. You can easily adjust the table to the size of a team.

The geometric pattern of laid-in wood and linoleum running through the design unites the three separate pieces. With its contrasting colours, this is a bold but elegant object, and its oval, wide legs only add to this elegance.

Other Objects

Rental flats
Rental flats
, Brussels

On view until 17 May 2024
An ongoing collection by Caroline De Cuyper

Creative director and multidisciplinary designer Caroline De Cuyper is delighted to welcome you to our temporary showroom, where you can explore her latest designs for furniture and other objects. She looks forward to sharing her unique perspective on elevating hospitality and real estate projects for stronger connections and higher returns.